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Professional Web Design: A Beginners Guide To Website Development

A Fresh Guide to the Basics of Web Design

web designer

Web design, or website design, is of the utmost of importance. If you want to find out why, then read on. We’ll explain to you what it is, why it’s important and what the top benefits of it are.

What Is It
In short, website design is exactly what it sounds like; The way a website is designed. This goes for everything from the way the site shows on an array of devices to the layout of colors to the actual placement of content, headers, text styles and images to name a few. There are dozens and dozens of aspects of  design and those are only a handful.

Why It’s Important
First, the overall design of a site is the first thing most visitors notice. In fact, subconsciously many visitors immediately judge a person’s website upon landing on it. For example, if you head over to a site, then you might become aggravated very quickly when you can’t find what you’re looking for and this could be down to poor design.

Second reason it’s important is because you don’t want your website to be an eyesore. The layout of your site can be perfect and so can the navigation functions. However, if the wrong colors are used and the wrong template is used, then your site could be an eyesore and send visitors running in the other direction.

Perhaps the main reason why’ site design is important is for functionality. When your site is designed properly, then it will function properly. One of the better design firms in the area is  Still Website Design.  They are able to make a site that looks good and functions great and that can play a major role in how successful a business will be.

The Benefits Of Good Web Design

There are dozens of benefits. We’ll discuss the top ones, which include:

1. Traffic- Increased traffic is one of the main benefits of website design. In fact, this is even more true in regards to mobile traffic because if your website appears on mobile devices and there’s no issues with it, such as lagging images or distorted content, then you won’t have to worry about mobile users leaving your site and never coming back. Plus, the search engines like websites that are mobile friendly and this plays a role in how well a site may rank in their search results.

2. Fast Pages– Second benefit of good design is the upload times of your web-pages. When your design is poor, then you can bet your pages won’t upload fast or they won’t upload at all, which is something you never want to happen. A quality design means your pages will upload quickly, which will keep your site’s visitors happy. It also provides users with a smooth and user-friendly experience.

3. Bounce Rates– The higher the bounce rate, the quicker your visitors are leaving. When the bounce rate is low, it means your site visitors are sticking around. There can be many reasons for a high bounce rate, but site design definitely plays a role in it. If you want to improve your site’s bounce rate, then make sure it is designed properly.

4. Better Conversions– All sites, or most of them want better conversions. Whether you’re selling something or you want to convert site visitors to email subscribers or social media followers, you need to entice them. Part of doing that includes making sure your site design is on point. With good web design, you might be surprised at how much your conversions will improve.

5. Great For SEO– Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines care about what sites look like and the chances are very slim that a site that has been designed poorly will rank well within their search results pages. If your site is mobile friendly and looks good in general, as well as is easy to navigate, then there’s a good chance your site will rank well. Bear in mind there are many other ranking factors, but site design is certainly one of them.

6. Appealing– Above all else, a top benefit of good website design is overall appeal. As mentioned several times, an appealing website can work wonders on a website, and this goes for all aspects of running a site. This includes the previously discussed benefits, as well as dozens of other benefits, including making more sales, attracting new visitors and improving the chances of people sharing your site via social media. The bottom line is you want your site to look as good as possible, and this means getting the design right.

Those are only six benefits of site design. The list could go on and on. However, those are among the top ones.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of good website design? If so, then hire a professional website designer because they will get everything right and work hard to get your site looking good. Just make sure you take the time to find a designer that is highly skilled and one you can trust.


August 2022